1. Best Engagement Ring Idea's

    When we think of marriage, the first thing that comes to our mind is having a lasting relationship and marriage is one of the most stage of our life dreaming with a gracious and brilliant future with the one we love. And for the modern bride, searching for the perfect engagement ring that suited for her lovely personality is stressful yet marvelous feelings when you found it likes how you found her.

    Here some tips for the most ideal Engagement Ring that suited for a proposal.


    Oval-cut Solitaire Ring

    The solitaire diamond ring is so significant because it reflects the love between a bride and a groom and it signifies that love is pure and endless. Diamond solitaire r
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  2. Timeless Style

    What is ‘timeless style’? The style that often shows more beauty with time passing by. So when it comes to buying the right style for you, it is important that jewelry is as timeless as you are. That is why we keep designs that are timeless. We already that jewelry goes back many years of different culture and for thousands of years, it has provided various insights into styles that worked in ancient cultures. Even in a Modern Century jewelry is one of the most luxurious things we can wear because Jewellery has a timeless design that made in precious metals such as gold, which is the most popular metal since the 1800s. Diamond

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  3. How to Clean your Engagement Ring

    There are a few things in this life they as joyous and wonderful as the moment you get that beautiful engagement ring. And you can never forget that moment when you first wore it, how it sparkled and shined. Since that day, you might have had to catch yourself once or twice from staring at it too long, which continued for a few months. But over time, if you noticed that same shine and sparkle isn’t present anymore, then you might need to get it cleaned.

    It’s an easy fix, many would opt to get it professionally cleaned, the best choice of course, but often people like to take it upon themselves. If you’re one of those DIY types, I’ve got a good tip on how to clean your diamond engagement ring.



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