Diamond Carat


The Significance of 7'cs

Diamond Carat Weight – The term ‘Carat(ct.)’ is a unit of weight measurement used to primarily weigh Diamonds and Gems. It is the most valuable visual C of the 4’c of diamond that is recognized globally. It is vital to understand that diamond carat is to weigh while gold Karat is utilized to measure gold purity, this signify a measuring scale where one metric carat (1.00 ct.) diamond weighs 0.20 grams.

It is a popular belief that carat is the size of a diamond, whereas it is measured in millimeters by length and width of the diamond. For example, 1.00 carat round diamond will measure 6.5 mm wide, while another will one carat around will measure 5.9 mm in diameter. Depending on the Varity of shape, broader diamonds with large MM show greater visual impact. The larger the diamond, the rarer and expensive it gets.


Total carat weight (t.c.w.) is a phrase that represents the total weight of all diamonds or other gemstones in a piece of jewelry, when more than one gemstone is used. Diamond solitaire earrings, for example, are usually quoted in t.c.w., indicating the combined weight of the diamonds in both earrings.

Over time carat weight became standardized and has now also become a point of reference in when looking at the certificate of any diamond regardless of which institution certifies the diamond.

Carat Price Chart

The price of a diamond depends on personal preference and budget. It is difficult to measure the diamond weight simply by looking at it. Although carat weight plays an important role in cost price of a diamond, it is advised to focus on cut grades and diameter.

For more information, we have designed a Diamond Size Chart to demonstrate how various diamonds differ in size and weight from the top.

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