Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

How to Determine the perfect Engagement Ring for your Partner

When you decide to make the most important decision of your life, DIAMERA commits to streamline the process of purchasing your own custom-made diamond Engagement Ring. From a large selection of unique style setting and more than 50,000+ Natural Certified Diamonds to fancy color, we have prepared a guide to help you create the most perfect hand-crafted engagement ring.

A diamond ring symbolizes true love and Lifetime Commitment. To select the right ring, you must first consider setting a budget. Early planning of budget, will help you save time to filter the perfect ring within your preferred price range. We don’t believe to set budget guidelines for a particular ring as every couple is different but we pursue to offer an unrivaled selection of choice for your engagement ring with the best value for money.

Select Your Favorite Ring Setting

We offer a varied range of style setting for your ring which is custom-made to help you identify the style preference to perfectly suit her personality.

Whether you are looking for a classic Solitaire, Vintage or Modern outgoing ring, DIAMERA has a ring style which you will adore for a lifetime.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire ring setting features a single stone, typically a diamond with a plain mounting (usually four or six prongs). Solitaires are one of the most popular engagement ring settings. Their appeal is in their elegance, simplicity, and timelessness. Solitaire engagement rings come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some have narrower bands which have the effect of making a smaller diamond appear larger, and compliment small fingers. Others have thicker bands which allow for more options in the way the diamond is set. Many solitaire rings have ring guards (or rings wraps) which frame the center diamond, making it appear more prominent.

Pavé Engagement Rings

A pavé engagement ring is encrusted with very small diamonds all along the band to give the appearance of a solid diamond surface. Because pave-set diamonds use only tiny beads or prongs to hold them in place, very little of the metal band shows through and the diamonds appear to be free-standing. Pave settings can either go around the whole band (full pave) or stop halfway around it (half pave). Micro pave rings are even more delicate and intricate than regular pave settings. The individual stones are so small that they appear to blend together and create extraordinary fire. Typically, round brilliant or princess cut diamonds are used as center stones in pave engagement rings. Most center stones are prong-set, basket-set or bezel-set.

Channel Set Engagement Rings

Channel set engagement rings feature side diamonds that are embedded into the channel groove of the ring. A thin strip of metal secures the diamonds in place—no prongs are used. The diamonds are flush with the band and as a result, channel set rings are sturdier than other designs and less likely to snag on clothing. Channel settings are available in gold and platinum, with a variety of diamond shapes and cuts. When it comes to picking the right channel stones for your channel ring, the princess cut is a popular choice, as its square edges ensure no gaps between the stones.

Side stone Engagement Rings

Side stone engagement ring settings provide a perfect complement to a center stone and typically consist of a center diamond flanked by two or more smaller-sized side diamonds. Because side stones add size and brilliance to the center diamond, they make the overall appearance of the engagement ring more impressive and radiant. When it comes to selecting a center diamond for an engagement ring with side stones, round brilliant or princess cut diamonds are typically chosen, although most diamond shapes can be used.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings consist of a center diamond flanked by two side diamonds, which accentuate the size and brilliance of the center diamond. The center stone is usually set higher to complement the side stones and add depth to the ring. Round or princess cut diamonds are the most popular choices for center stones. Most center stones are prong-set, basket-set or bezel-set, as these settings effectively distinguish the center diamond from the setting.

Tension Set Engagement Rings

Tension engagement rings are a modern engagement ring setting in which a diamond is held in place by the physical force of the setting, without any prongs. In a tension ring, the diamond appears to be floating in the air. As the name suggests, tension rings use the force and tension of the ring to push against the diamond to hold it in place. Tension cut engagement rings are some of the most secure engagement rings around as the whole ring works to hold the diamond in place even tighter than prong settings. Since tension cut engagements ring show off the entire diamond, the shape, and cut of the diamond is extremely important. Round, princess, and emerald-cut diamonds are popular choices for tension set rings.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement ring settings feature a center gemstone surrounded by smaller, micro pave diamonds. The smaller diamonds give the appearance of size and volume to the center stone, adding to the ring’s overall sparkle. Traditional halo engagement rings are a more modern take on the classic solitaire ring, while vintage-style halo rings focus on the micro pave and milgrain detailing along the band. Halo engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes of center stones. Some feature round stones, Asscher-cut diamonds, pear-shaped and oval diamonds. Halo rings often feature colored gemstones, like blue sapphires or red rubies.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Vintage and antique-style engagement rings offer the beauty and intricate craftsmanship of vintage rings with sturdy and lasting design techniques of modern engagement rings. Vintage-style engagement ring designs often draw inspiration from various time periods and contain diamonds with modern diamond cuts, which maximize fire, brilliance, and light reflective properties. James Allen offers a variety of vintage and antique-style engagement rings in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Most diamond cuts are used as center stones for vintage rings. In vintage rings, center stones are usually prong-set, basket-set or bezel-set.

When Choosing a Diamond Ring - Consider the 4C's and beyond

Another important factor to consider when you choose a Diamond for your engagement ring is its Shape and Size then followed by color Quality as per your preference.

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When You Choose a Fancy Colour Diamond Ring

White Diamonds are the most common form of engagement rings, but now the Colored Diamonds are becoming the trendiest form of engagement ring. The reson is that colored diamonds are rarer than white diamonds and what other way to showcase unique love than to put a colored diamond on the her finger. Also, fancy colored diamonds can be a great source of investment, even more than white diamonds. When choosing to look for alternatives to white diamonds, Natural gems such as Emeralds, Rubies and Blue Sapphires are as unique for an engagement ring. DIAMERA, has a diamond type just for you to select the best.

An engagement ring is traditionally made from gold, although it doesn’t necessarily need to be yellow in color: White gold is just as popular for its understated, elegant appearance. Rose gold is also very attractive and lends the ring a unique look – or for an engagement ring that almost seems to glow from within.

White (colorless) diamonds are the traditional choice for the stone, but again you should feel free to let your own instincts – and her style – influence the final decision. Pink diamonds, prized for their rarity, make an exceptional choice for a ring with a difference.

How to Find Her Ring Size?

In case you would like to surprise your partner without knowing her ring size, don't worry! We will guide you with simple tricks and tips to figure out her ring size without revealing the big secret.

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Last But Not the Least - Why Diamera

At DIAMERA, we believe to not only help you choose the perfect ring it is important to understand the values and culture you bring along as it is a lifetime commitment of love and respect to your partner. Your trust upon us is because to take the responsibility to use conflict-free diamonds, and recycled precious material with firm standards of craftsmanship to bring your perfect ring to life hassle-free, as pure as your love. All the range of diamonds under the selection comes with certification and significant best quality and customs service. We don't stop when the purchase is made we believe to offer an after serviced for a such a significant purchase, with a lifetime warranty.

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