Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity

Clarity is an important characteristic when selecting the right diamond

That does not have many inclusions which can impact on a diamonds beauty and value than blemishes. If you wish to select a diamond which is flawless. With 100% clarity in inclusions it is advised to choose diamond grade of ‘VS2’ or higher. At DIAMERA, we aim to offer SI quality or higher in most of our ready to wear jewelry to ensure you receive the best clarity in a diamond with no visible

Inclusions seen by the unaided eye. Like the rest of the 4c’s, clarity’s influence is directly related to the concept of rarity. Flawless is the top grade as GIA grading chart system. Our expert team of qualified diamond graders will help you choose the flawless diamond that doesn’t have any blemishes when examined under than 10 x magnifications which are very rare and command top prices.

It is advisable to balance clarity and color when selecting your diamond. If you choose D-F color range , emphasis on clarity grading ranging of VS2 or higher. Further tip, diamonds in SI clarity and G-I color range are most suitable in budget and excellent value for money.

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